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Adding BBDB 3 core to Emacs (was: eudc conversion to bbdb (in bbdb3.1.2?

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: Adding BBDB 3 core to Emacs (was: eudc conversion to bbdb (in bbdb3.1.2?))
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 05:29:43 -0500
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"Roland Winkler" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Wed Nov 18 2015 Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
>> The version of EUDC in question should be able to read bbdb 2.x or
>> bbdb 3.x formatted databases transparently.  But I haven't done
>> much testing with eudc-query and writing BBDB entries from there.
> Ah, thanks, that's good to know.  Lately I did not look at Emacs git.
>> I guess now is a good time to revisit: is there any chance of BBDB
>> ever getting assignment paperwork from its existing contributors?
>> As I understand it, though BBDB 3 is largely a rewrite it still
>> uses code patterns from prior contributors that may not be clear
>> from a copyright standpoint?
> I believe it is fair to say that the core of BBDB has been rewritten
> completely (the three files bbdb.el, bbdb-com.el and bbdb-mua.el), also
> some add-ons are "clean" (bbdb-anniv.el, bbdb-ispell.el,
> bbdb-snarf.el, bbdb-pgp.el)
> Loose ends include the add-ons bbdb-sc.el, bbdb-print.el and
> mua-specific pieces of code in bbdb-gnus.el and bbdb-vm.el.
> One option could be to incorporate the core of BBDB into GNU Emacs
> and keep the loose ends in savannah.nongnu.org.  BBDB has a long
> history of having a core plus many add-ons.

I really like this idea.  Then we could count on BBDB 3 (core) being in
Emacs core.  We could fix EUDC to always enable the BBDB backend by
default, include an Info node in the manual for BBDB itself and fix the
EUDC Info nodes to be BBDB 3-specific.

John, Richard what do you think of this plan?


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