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Obsolete antlr-mode shipped with emacs 24.5.1

From: jan
Subject: Obsolete antlr-mode shipped with emacs 24.5.1
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 12:11:16 +0000

Hi everyone,
this is my first post here.
I've just started using the ANTLR4 parsing tool, and was using the
antlr-mode (2.2.3) that ships with my version of emacs (emacs 24.5.1).
I soon ran into problems, and found there was a much later version
available (it's now up to 3.1.0).

I contacted the author who was aware of this and said he was working
on stabilising it, and was confident he could do that by December this

He asked me to post here and ask whether antlr-mode could be updated then?

Emacs 24.5.1 running on Windows 2008 R2



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