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Why change the advertised bindings of Isearch commands?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Why change the advertised bindings of Isearch commands?
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 10:45:42 -0800 (PST)

In Isearch, these key bindings have long been in effect,
and they are still in effect:

M-e - isearch-edit-string
M-c - isearch-toggle-case-fold
M-r - isearch-toggle-regexp

These keys are far easier to use than M-s c, M-s r, M-s e.
So why have we changed the advertised bindings to be these
more complex keys?

IOW, why this?
(put 'isearch-toggle-case-fold :advertised-binding "\M-sc")
(put 'isearch-toggle-regexp    :advertised-binding "\M-sr")
(put 'isearch-edit-string      :advertised-binding "\M-se")

I do not think this is an improvement for users.

If the aim was to let users know that they _can_ find such
commands on the common prefix `M-s' (which is fine), that
information is available in other ways.  For one thing, it
is trivial to do `M-s C-h' during Isearch, to see all of
the `M-s' bindings.

Let's please not advertise these more complex bindings in
favor of the longstanding, simple ones (thankfully still

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