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Re: project.el semantics

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: project.el semantics
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 06:06:51 +0200
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On 11/22/2015 11:27 PM, John Wiegley wrote:

So maybe this has come full circle, but if so, I hope it adds some clarity.

To get back to this question, not really, as far as I'm concerned. The concept sounds nice, but the proposal is low on specifics, and the changes that I try to vaguely imagine complicate the API considerably.

It would be nice to discuss particular example of commands that don't work well with the current API (nor with trivial extensions of it), but will work better with some specific changes.

Or, like, if we'll have a family of commands that's similar along a certain axis, that the upgraded API will simplify reuse.

 * * *

I've tried out the "categories" change that we've discussed, along with a couple of variations, but to be honest, I'm less convinced now than before. Using effectively an alist where we can use separate generic functions seems inconsistent, and treating all directories the same way might imply some guarantees that we won't want to give.

See the branches scratch/project-directories*.

scratch/project-directories-with-shallow illustrates what we'll have to do to have some directories of explicit "nonrecursive" kind. The result is less scarier than I expected (when calling find, just need to pass '-maxdepth 1' to it), but even so, the "shallow" argument threads through every related function and complicates both project-subtract-directories and project-combine-directories. Even though it should be 100% equivalent to just adding "./*/" to the ignores list for each shallow directory. So unless someone demonstrates that using 'find -maxdepth 1' instead of ignores makes a real difference in practice, I remain in opposition.

scratch/project-directories-filtering-in-backend seems to be a natural extension of scratch/project-directories, but really it seems that this way we'll be forcing the backends to implement a rather involved piece of logic, in unstructured fashion. And even so, the proposed signature only covers the intersections of categories; what if we want to get directories "in A, but not in B"? Better to return the raw data to the user, and let them use the combinator functions.

scratch/project-directories itself basically seems wasteful: we're forcing the backend to produce directories of all kinds at the same time, always. A step forward would be to change the arguments list from "&rest categories" to one required argument "category".

But then, we'll have to document some allowed categories anyway, and we can just as well define the corresponding generic functions instead, like project-source-directories and project-test-directories.

To sum up, barring new, advanced proposals from someone else (or more detailed proposal from John), I'd rather keep the current structure, with possibly following changes:

- Rename project-library-roots to project-external-roots, as a more neutral name. Document it as a list of directories related to the current project but lying outside of it.

- Like in scratch/project-directories, rename and move the project-library-roots-function variable to the project-vc- namespace, and for now document that it'll only affect the project-vc backend.

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