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Re: PATCH: Add the ability to give rcirc servers an alias name

From: Dave Barker
Subject: Re: PATCH: Add the ability to give rcirc servers an alias name
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 12:29:09 +0000

Thanks for taking a look Ryan.

I agree that `(or server-alias server)` shows up quite frequently.

I don't think creating a function server-or-alias would help however as in all
cases both the `server` and `server-alias` variables are local to the function
(`rcirc` and `rcirc-connect`), so we would have to pass them through. In other
words we would be replacing `(or server-alias server)` with something like
`(server-or-alias server server-alias)`! I could let a new local variable
`server-or-alias` in both functions if you think that would look nicer?

As for the automatic server alias, I'm undecided. I think _usually_ the desired
behaviour is to just warn the user that server X is already connected if she/he
attempt to connect again. That's certainly how I use rcric, for example I might
have only lost connection to one of four servers but I would still just call
`rcirc` to reconnect to that one. I'm struggling to think of many use cases
where connecting multiple times is required, and perhaps it's good for those
that the alias needs to be defined manually?

Cheers, Dave.

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 6:16 AM, Ryan Yeske <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Dave,
I got a chance to review this.  It works fine for me here.
I think it might be good to replace the several instances of `(or server-alias server)' with calls to a new function `rcirc-server-or-alias`.
Also, what about automatically creating this alias when connecting to a server multiple times, without requiring the user to come up with an alias?  Like automatically creating the server name `*irc.freenode.net*' and `*irc.freenode.net<1>'.  This would only happen if disambiguating aliases were not provided via your new mechanism.
What do you think?

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