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Re: New iteration on the Emacs homepage

From: Spencer Boucher
Subject: Re: New iteration on the Emacs homepage
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2016 13:46:51 -0800

There is more spacing below the GNU/Linux button than between the other buttons. Is this intentional to highlight GNU? If it is, maybe it could be emphasized in a way that is more obvious and doesn't seem like it might just be a layout bug.
Nicolas Petton writes:

Hi, I just put online at http://nicolas-petton.fr/ressources/emacs-website/ another iteration of the Emacs homepage. I made several changes in the content after we discussed we had with RMS about it. BTW, Richard, I will work more on that later. I also worked on the "Features" section and made brand new screenshots, and worked a bit on the descriptions. Also new, I added 3 videos from Emacsrocks.com by Magnar Sveen. As always, feedback is more than welcome!
Cheers, Nico

-- Spencer Boucher

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