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Re: Making `interactive' conditional

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Making `interactive' conditional
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 01:29:55 -0500
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> Indeed, there has been no spec of what it is for, what
> requirement/need it is hoping to satisfy.

My interest in tweaking M-x is the following:

   To rely less on key-bindings, and more on running commands by name, you
   want M-x's completion to be more efficient.

Furthermore, there are many cases where I can't remember the exact name
of the command I want to use, and I think that in some significant cases
stripping away currently-invalid commands can help noticeably in
trying to find the right command.

Indeed, that would be an impediment when you want to just explore the
wealth of commands (not to run it right now, but for some other purpose,
in which case you don't want to filter out currently-invalid commands).
Maybe we should/could add a `describe-command' for that use case.

In any case, this discussion is not about changing the default M-x, but
about experimenting with a new M-x, probably offered as a GNU
ELPA package.


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