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Re: Code reviews

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Code reviews
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2016 11:21:42 -0500
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>> That's why I've followed a practice of giving out write access very
>> liberally, with "post-commit spot-check reviews" instead.  Indeed, it
> Post-commit reviews also take time.

Indeed.  But notice the "spot-check" part: only some of the commits are
actually (post-commit) reviewed.

>> Maybe we could have a half-way system, where commits are pushed to
>> a branch that is "not fast-forward-only", and this branch is then
>> auto-merged to the real (fast-forward-only) master branch after a delay
>> (one day, maybe?) to give time to fix mess ups before they're cast
>> in stone.
> A day is nowhere near enough.  IME, a bad commit pushed to master
> takes up to a week to be discovered.

Maybe the delay should depend on the submitter.  An infinite delay for
first-submitters and a 0 delay for those submitters we trust to
carefully review they commit messages before pushing (clearly,
I wouldn't be one of them), and all kinds of other values in-between.

> More generally, the problem with such a branch is that it won't be
> much different from pushing to master, except in rare cases that it
> breaks the build, and even that can only be avoided if we set up some
> kind of CI system that continuously builds that branch on the main
> supported platforms.

The review queue could be used for code-quality reviews indeed, but
I was thinking here about focusing on the commit-message reviewing
(since we can fix the code after the fact with additional commits,
whereas we can't fix commit messages after the fact, thanks to Git
implementors's short-sightedness).


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