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Re: Should we restore manually maintained ChangeLogs

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Should we restore manually maintained ChangeLogs
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 17:08:39 -0800
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On 03/08/2016 09:05 AM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
By giving up on the need to fix them, we
inadvertently send a very loud and clear message to the newcomers
saying that good, correct, and accurate log messages are not

We also send that message by giving up on the need to write good commit messages in the first place. If we were to tell newcomers something like "Thanks, that was a nice patch, and could you please add a commit message following the guidelines so that we can install it for you?" then they will figure things out. But if we instead keep installing such patches as-is and maybe fixing the commit messages ourselves later, we are in effect telling contributors not to bother writing good commit messages.

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