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Re: Why does the tutorial talk about C-n/C-p etc?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Why does the tutorial talk about C-n/C-p etc?
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 09:45:37 -0500
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>> The point of a tutorial is not to teach people to become brilliantly
>> efficent power users. It's to get them going, and to see the advantages
>> as quickly as possible.
> What do you suggest we teach them about the arrows that they don't
> already know?

Nothing at all.  Why should we teach them anything about it?

I agree that *if* we want to talk about C-npfb we should do it at
the end.  And I'd be perfectly happy to see C-npfb disappear from
the tutorial.

        Stefan "who doesn't use C-npfb very much anyway"

PS: When I introduce my students to Emacs, I mostly focus on things like
"M stands for the meta key which is that thing you don't have on your
keyboard", or "yes, you can see the same buffer in several windows at
the same time", or "no, a window is not what you think", or "we call
those things kill&yank just to keep life more entertaining", or "here's
how you can get rid of this window-split", ...

... and of course the presence of keyboard shortcuts in the menus, and
"M-x", and "C-h k and then click on the link to see the source".

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