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Re: [Announce] The new Emacs homepage is online!

From: Christian Kruse
Subject: Re: [Announce] The new Emacs homepage is online!
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 11:01:08 +0200
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first of all: good work, thanks for the efford!

Nicolas Petton <address@hidden> writes:
> After trying many alternatives I decided that showing how Emacs can look
> like it something for the tour page.  I think the screenshot on the
> homepage should show how Emacs looks by default.

While I think that, too, I think we still should invest more energy to
make the screenshot more beautiful: the screenshot looks blurry
(probably due to downscaling by width:100%) and the text in the right
buffer has some really bad line breaks; one could avoid that by making
that buffer a little broader.

I understand the necessity of the scaling, but maybe a responsive image
would be the better choice. It has a fallback for older browsers (the
<img> inside the <picture>) and more modern browsern get a better scaled
version of the image: browser image scaling is really ugly.

Best regards,
Christian Kruse

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