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Re: Understanding a recent commit in emacs-25 branch [ed19f2]

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: Understanding a recent commit in emacs-25 branch [ed19f2]
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2016 14:10:57 +0200
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Alan Mackenzie writes:
> It was git that prepared the merge, not me.

Blaming the tools?

> What happened was that the
> "more recent" commit 22443312... created a conflict with the commits in
> a git pull.  git, rather than aborting the pull operation, splurged the
> contents of all the other commits in the pull into my working directory,
> saying "Conflict in ....  You need to merge".  I simply merged as
> directed.

Nope, you were supposed to either abort the merge or fix the conflict(s)
and then stage the resulting changes and "git commit" them.

See "git help merge", section "How to resolve conflicts".

> Is there a better way out of this situation than just merging as
> directed?  Can one somehow get out of this partially completed git pull,
> then redo it with --rebase?

git merge --abort

>> Understanding what happened is somewhat complicated by the more-recent 
>> commit 
>> 22443312188ff097b69d9ff4b87c2b4f7bbbc263, which finished fixing the cc-mode 
>> patch and undid some of the effect of the incomplete fix.
> This was what created the conflict, I think.

And that was the only conflict markers that should have been edited.  It
seems you really did another manual "git merge" with the arguments in
the wrong order instead.

>> You can see all this more easily by running the shell command "gitk" in a 
>> directory containing a checked-out copy of the emacs-25 branch.
> I haven't got gitk.  Is it supposed to be part of the main git
> distribution?

Yes, although some distributions have it in a separate package since it
requires Tk.

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