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Re: Should outline-minor-mode be globalized?

From: raman
Subject: Re: Should outline-minor-mode be globalized?
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2016 08:25:17 -0700
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John Wiegley <address@hidden> writes:

Hi John,

The following is admittedly a power-user scenario, but other places 
(other than text-mode) where I have turned on outline-minor-mode:

1. w3-mode in the past 
2. eww-mode 

Both of the above when reading ebooks from places like Project

In many of those instances, you can productively jump by chapter etc by
appropriately setting outline-regexp to something like "^CHAPTER" and
then using outline-minor-mode navigation commands.

>>>>>> raman  <address@hidden> writes:
>> It's nice to be able to globally turn on font-lock mode; on a similar note,
>> it would be nice to be able to turn on outline-minor-mode globally -- rather
>> than setting mode-specific hooks to turn on outline-minor-mode.
>> Is there any risk in globalizing outline-minor-mode?
> Wouldn't it really just be applicable in text-mode derived buffers? I have a
> hard time seeing its value when turned on for dired, Gnus, *Help*,
> compilation, etc.


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