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Re: SCSS parser ideas

From: Alex Dunn
Subject: Re: SCSS parser ideas
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2016 14:05:55 -0700
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I think better built-in support for SCSS would be very welcome,
especially since development of both the scss-mode
(https://github.com/antonj/scss-mode) and sass-mode
(https://github.com/nex3/sass-mode) external packages seems to have

Etienne Prud'homme <address@hidden> writes:

> Since I study in the field of Front-End web development, I find it sad
> that Emacs lacks features that would otherwise be included in other
> text-editors.
> One feature that is lacking is discovering SCSS variable values. I’m
> thinking something like Eldoc is doing for function declarations in C
> or Emacs lisp.
> Given that SCSS is a Preprocessor, it’s possible to evaluate a variable
> by simply parsing a file. Unless a file changes, a variable will always
> stay the same.
> I made a basic prototype parser in elisp that did a hash map of all
> variable declarations from a buffer. However, I don’t think it’s
> suitable in the long-term.
> Since I’ve got no experience in grammar parsing implementation, I was
> wondering if it could be worth making a CEDET Semantic SCSS parser
> (and thus CSS one). It would give much more flexibility. We could
> include variables from other files, functions and mixins support or
> even a CSS tree structure of a project.
> Best regards,

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