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Re: emacs-25 10597c9: Don't use 'find-program'

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: emacs-25 10597c9: Don't use 'find-program'
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 12:10:50 -0400
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> Why are you assuming that any 'find' job would necessarily use -exec?

I'm not, I'm giving it as an example. You've said that find-dired and
grep have different needs, and both may (or may not) use -exec. I found
it really hard to understand what point you were getting at.

Also eg check-declare-directory simply hard-codes -exec, and you changed
that one.

> Did you ever need to customize this variable, on any system? 

No. find-program was never marked as customizable/user-settable till
very recently, so I suspect very few others did.

Please also note that the Emacs build process simply uses "find"
(which is part of POSIX), with both -exec and -print.

But that changes the issue. You are saying it may not only need to be
customizable (which I don't have an issue with), but that there may need
to be two different versions.

> Basically, imagine a system with several different ports of 'find',
> each port with its own advantages and bugs.

I think a system where you have to think which version of find to invoke
depending on what you want to do is a mis-configured system.
I'd just install GNU find and get on with life.

Please give the eventual two variables informative names and docstrings.
It's going to be hard for people on normal systems to figure out
which to use.

This has nothing to with grep, so I would suggest they not live in the
grep namespace.

(Also, grep-xargs-program should just be called xargs-program again.
Hopefully you don't need two versions. :))

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