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Re: gpg encryption warning

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: gpg encryption warning
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 15:10:30 +0200

> If it helps, I can confirm that I get no error message is I edit and
> then save (encrypt)

When you do that (I hardly ever encrypt) do you have to re-enter the password?

> a gpg file that's in an un-encrypted buffer. The
> issue seems to be only with first-time encryption.
> Emacs bisection is new to me and I'd have to be "talked through it"; you may,
> understandably, not want to entrust a newbe with that job.

It's a trivial job, all you need is a fairly fast machine (one that does
a reasonable complex "make" of emacs in less than 10 minutes, preferably
muss less.  In the directory where you git pull emacs you'd simply have
to do

git bisect start
git bisect bad
git bisect good ...

where ... stands for the hash of the version that works (probably
24.5.1).  Then "make" emacs as you usually do and if the result is good
mark it as good via

git bisect good

and if it's bad as

git bisect bad

One description of git bisect is this


but there might be better ones.

One caveat: Often a specific commit breaks building emacs and then you
have to skip this commit and usually go back until you find one that

I don't bisect more often than once in a month because on my machine it
usually takes me half a day to finish.

martin, who doesn't want to talk you into it ;-)

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