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RE: Recent commit modifying mark-whole-buffer (master/aeb613ea95b7970e66

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Recent commit modifying mark-whole-buffer (master/aeb613ea95b7970e66d663ec5cba54e9ec0528fa)
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 11:06:47 -0800 (GMT-08:00)

> > > So, more than one face, one each for every part of the prompt?
> >
> > Maybe.  Depends on what you need/want.
> >
> > It's not the minibuffer, but see attached screenshots of
> > isearch prompts (from `isearch+.el').
> AFAICT, those don't show minibuffer prompts at all.

Which is what I said - they are Isearch prompts.  They show
the effect of using different faces for different parts of a
prompt.  But not necessarily "one each for every part".

> And you evidently have succeeded to put faces you want there.

I tweaked Isearch code, yes.  Irrelevant.  Your question was
about what kind of face propertizing was being requested for
minibuffer prompts.  I showed examples of propertized prompts
(for Isearch and minibuffer).

> So once again, I don't think I understand what is it that
> you are looking for, in terms of faces.

I also showed an example using the minibuffer.  Dunno what
else you want to see.  It's about applying text properties,
in particular property `face', to any or all parts of the
minibuffer prompt, and not having that overridden by Emacs.

"So once again," it escapes me what you are having trouble
understanding about this.  Hopefully someone else can be
more helpful than I.  Lars pointed you to bug #12377, but
I guess that didn't help either.

(And yes, it is possible to remove `face' from
`minibuffer-prompt-properties', which is how I am able
to use a prompt that has parts that are propertized
with `face'.  But that means foregoing having face
`minibuffer-prompt' by default.)

The request of bug #12377 is for Emacs to use face
`minibuffer-prompt' _by default_, but not for it to override
text properties (e.g. `face') that are already in the prompt
string.  That's all.

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