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Re: Differences between Org-Mode and Hyperbole

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Differences between Org-Mode and Hyperbole
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2016 18:24:33 -0400

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  > One way of viewing org, is that it is a document preparation system like
  > Latex. Or, a programming language. Or, a wiki like system.

That's exactly the problem: Org mode's purpose is not conceptually

If it were separated into different facilities, each one with a simple
purpose, and _each facility documented separately_, this particular
problem would be gone.

  > Users of org, such as me, like to have all the features of the org
  > language available to us while we work on org files.

If they were different facilities, each facility with a simple purpose
and each documented separately, they could still work together, so you
would still have all these facilities available for a certain file
when that's what you want.

We wouldn't think of that as an "Org file".  We would think of it as
a file in which you are using features A, B and C together.

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