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Getting start on Emacs 25.2

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Getting start on Emacs 25.2
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2016 19:45:55 -0700
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Hi all,

Congratulations to everyone on getting 25.1 released and out the door! This
involved a lot of hard work by many people, and I appreciate all the lost
evenings spent coding, reviewing bugs, writing documentation, and improving
our testing framework.

Now that 25.1 is out the door, it's time to begin work on 25.2. I'd like to
ask those who are aware of patches that might have been applied to 25.1, but
weren't due to time pressure, to review those patches and consider
cherry-picking them to the emacs-25 branch, which is now open to such changes.

New feature work should continue on 'master', toward the 26.1 release.

Speaking of whiche, one the first things I'd like to achieve toward 26.1 is
the new ELPA infrastructure we've discussed in the past -- the ability to
designate ELPA packages as (1) "usable by core" (2) "included in the
distribution tarball" and (3) "installed using package.el". I've been calling
these "core ELPA", "tarball ELPA" and "package ELPA", respectively.

Phil Lord has already done some further investigations down this road, so soon
we'll have an open discussion on how best to achieve this technically.

Again, many thanks to everyone,
John Wiegley                  GPG fingerprint = 4710 CF98 AF9B 327B B80F
http://newartisans.com                          60E1 46C4 BD1A 7AC1 4BA2

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