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Re: translation of Emacs manual into Japanese

From: Takesi Ayanokoji
Subject: Re: translation of Emacs manual into Japanese
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 03:10:09 +0900

>> We could copy this contribution into doc/emacs-ja and distribute it as a
>> standard part of GNU Emacs.
> That'd need to figure out where to install it by "make install".  Are
> there any GNU conventions for that?
I checked internationalized info document, and I can't find any conventions
such like a internationalized man-pages.

Example of localized info I only found is TexLive's latex2e.info files
(latex2e.info and latex2e-es.info).

These info files are installed to
and that is not standard info directory.

If follow this example, japanese localized info name will be emacs-ja.info
and it will be installed Emacs data-directory's subdirectory(i.e. info/)
like Emacs TUTORIALs.

Ayanokoji Takesi <address@hidden>

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