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Re: proposal: bind C-x r DEL to #'delete-rectangle

From: Zachary Kanfer
Subject: Re: proposal: bind C-x r DEL to #'delete-rectangle
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2016 00:20:27 -0400

Well, fair enough. I'll just keep it in my init file, then.

On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:18 PM, Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Rectangle bindings are off `C-x r`. Currently, #'delete-rectangle can
>> be ran with `C-x r d`. I think it's intuitive to bind `C-x r DEL` to
>> #'delete-rectangle also. This patch does not touch `C-x r d`; that
>> keybinding still calls #'delete-rectangle.
> I'd say no.  `C-x r' has a mix of different kinds of commands
> (bookmarks, registers, rectangles), and it has had such a mix
> since about forever.  `C-x r' is not the place to be defining
> alternative keys for the same command, IMHO.
> (It's bad enough that we have three keys for `point-to-register'.
> But those alternative `point-to-register' keys have been there
> since at least Emacs 20.)
> This is what `C-x r C-h' shows:
> C-x r C-@       point-to-register
> C-x r ESC       Prefix Command
> C-x r SPC       point-to-register
> C-x r +         increment-register
> C-x r M         bookmark-set-no-overwrite
> C-x r N         rectangle-number-lines
> C-x r b         bookmark-jump
> C-x r c         clear-rectangle
> C-x r d         delete-rectangle
> C-x r f         frameset-to-register
> C-x r g         insert-register
> C-x r i         insert-register
> C-x r j         jump-to-register
> C-x r k         kill-rectangle
> C-x r l         bookmark-bmenu-list
> C-x r m         bookmark-set
> C-x r n         number-to-register
> C-x r o         open-rectangle
> C-x r r         copy-rectangle-to-register
> C-x r s         copy-to-register
> C-x r t         string-rectangle
> C-x r w         window-configuration-to-register
> C-x r x         copy-to-register
> C-x r y         yank-rectangle
> C-x r C-SPC     point-to-register
> C-x r M-w       copy-rectangle-as-kill

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