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RE: proposal: bind C-x r DEL to #'delete-rectangle

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: proposal: bind C-x r DEL to #'delete-rectangle
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2016 22:03:09 -0700 (PDT)

> >> Rectangle bindings are off `C-x r`. Currently, #'delete-rectangle can
> >> be ran with `C-x r d`. I think it's intuitive to bind `C-x r DEL` to
> >> #'delete-rectangle also. This patch does not touch `C-x r d`; that
> >> keybinding still calls #'delete-rectangle.
> >
> > I'd say no.  `C-x r' has a mix of different kinds of commands
> > (bookmarks, registers, rectangles), and it has had such a mix
> > since about forever.  `C-x r' is not the place to be defining
> > alternative keys for the same command, IMHO. ...
> Well, fair enough. I'll just keep it in my init file, then.

Just to be sure you know: I was giving my opinion - one opinion
only.  I don't speak for Emacs development, at all.  You need
not give up on your suggestion just because of my opinion. :-)
Sorry if my reply gave you an impression that your suggestion
was being shot down.


FWIW, I think it might be a good idea to split the key bindings
that are currently on prefix `C-x r'.  In my library Bookmark+,
I support the usual bookmark keys on `C-x r', but I also put
keymap `bookmark-map' on prefix key `C-x p', by default.

For example, these standard bookmark commands also have `C-x p'
bindings in Bookmark+, by default:

C-x p I         bookmark-insert-location
C-x p d         bookmark-delete
C-x p e         edit-bookmarks
C-x p g         bookmark-jump
C-x p l         bookmark-load
C-x p o         bookmark-jump-other-window
C-x p q         bookmark-jump-other-window
C-x p s         bookmark-save
C-x p w         bookmark-write
C-x p c M       bookmark-set

(By default, `C-x p c' is a prefix key for bookmark create/set
commands, and `C-x p t' is a prefix key for bookmark tagging

Emacs could do reasonably do something similar.  And it could
similarly choose to move the register (alternatively, rectangle)
commands to a different prefix key from `C-x r'.  It really
makes little sense at this point (except for habit) to put
such different things on the same prefix key (IMO).

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