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Re: Skipping unexec via a big .elc file

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: Skipping unexec via a big .elc file
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 04:25:19 -0400

I have a patch which seems to recreate all the abbrev tables that were in the 
initial Emacs process, including the sharing (lisp-mode-abbrev-table being a 
parent of emacs-lisp-mode-abbrev-table; local-abbrev-table set to the 
fundamental mode table).  Please let me know if it fixes your problem.

It depends on a couple key things: (1) The abbrev tables are empty at that 
point, so we don’t have to worry about reconstructing all the abbrevs in a 
table; this can be fixed, it’s just tedious. (2) Abbrev-table values are only 
used as symbol values, or parents of other abbrev tables.  This is much harder. 
 Stefan’s printable replacement for obarrays would probably be a better 
solution.  Though, normally I’d expect people to want printing of an obarray to 
show symbol names, and for this use case we need the function, value, and plist 
data as well.


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