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RE: Change Tramp syntax

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Change Tramp syntax
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 16:35:51 -0700 (PDT)

> MA> It didn't work ever. User and host name completion was based on
> a terrible
> MA> heuristic. There have been bug reports, plus a many years long
> dissense
> MA> between Stefan and me about `non-essential'.
> Personally I don't care to ever complete host names (they're always
> short, as
> I use ssh/config to manage them), so I'd rather have /host:file than
> an
> unambiguous way to complete host names I never complete. I could be
> in the
> minority, though.
> MA> Enough reasons that I decided to solve it once and forever.
> This is the essence of my question: Does it solve the problem for
> some, at a
> cost to others? What is the new user experience if they fail to use
> "ssh:"? Is
> it obvious what they've done wrong and how to fix it? You're
> modifying some
> seriously ancient behavior with this change.
> MA> There's no need to use "-". You could always use "ssh" instead,
> if this
> MA> annoys your eyes.
> Well.... by adding 4 characters to every remote pathname I type, for
> no
> benefit *I* can perceive.
> MA> The other way back to the ange-ftp syntax I've mentioned in my
> MA> announcement: You are invited to implement a solution in Tramp
> :-)
> Since you know the code well, do you think it's easy to add my own
> file-name-handler that will insert the missing "ssh:" and resubmit
> to Tramp?

FWIW, and without wanting to argue for it, I'll mention
that I too use FTP and the /host:file/ syntax.  I don't
use ssh - I use only ange-ftp.  And I don't really care
about file-name completion for remote names, if that helps.

Not trying to persuade anyone; just letting you know
there is one more ange-ftp user.

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