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Re: Please explain the FSF copyright assignment thing

From: Filipe Silva
Subject: Re: Please explain the FSF copyright assignment thing
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2017 15:32:56 -0300

 I can guess: Because git is very important and magit solves that beautifully for emacs?

Now the other question still stands: what could a berserk past author do legally to exert prejudice against the FSF or emacs users, given that the software he wrote is licensed under GPLv3? Why can't FSF distribute his software under the same license?

On Jul 13, 2017 15:26, "John Yates" <address@hidden> wrote:
Perhaps you should ask why Richard decided that Magit, among all
of the many non-FSF copyright assigned packages that emacs users
recommend to one another, was so intolerable as to justify suggesting
mounting a - to my mind doomed - competing project.  It was not as if
all of those recommendations are for some proprietary or non-GPL-V3+

Happily the community has rallied to Jonas' cause and will now try to
bring Magit into the FSF fold.


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