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Re: Mac OS Sierra tab feature breaks C-x 5 2

From: Charles A. Roelli
Subject: Re: Mac OS Sierra tab feature breaks C-x 5 2
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 06:57:48 +0200
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  CC       nsterm.o
nsterm.m: In function ‘-[EmacsView initFrameFromEmacs:]’:
nsterm.m:7079: warning: ‘NSWindow’ may not respond to ‘-setTabbingMode:’
nsterm.m:7079: warning: (Messages without a matching method signature
nsterm.m:7079: warning: will be assumed to return ‘id’ and accept
nsterm.m:7079: warning: ‘...’ as arguments.)

On 19/07/2017 00:16, Alan Third wrote:
On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 08:33:05PM +0200, Charles A. Roelli wrote:
It does seem to be gcc:

(snippet from output of 'make V=1' when compiling src/nsterm.m):
gcc -std=gnu99 -c -Demacs -I. -I. -I../lib -I../lib -D_REENTRANT -I
[...]  -MMD -MF deps/nsterm.d -MP -O0 -g3 nsterm.m
Can you check whether the attached patch results in a compilation
warning from nsterm.m for you, please?

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