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Re: Mac OS Sierra tab feature breaks C-x 5 2

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: Re: Mac OS Sierra tab feature breaks C-x 5 2
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 22:31:27 +0200


I just gave this matter another think-through. I don't think we ever will be able to build an Emacs on an old system like 10.6.8 that will be able to use all the bells and whistles when executed on a new system. However, the other way around could, at some point in time, be possible.

In other words, one solution would be something like:

    #ifdef NS_IMPL_COCOA
    if ([win respondsToSelector: @selector(setTabbingMode)])
      [win setTabbingMode: NSWindowTabbingModeDisallowed];

This should not generate any warning in any context (gcc or clang, macOS or GNUStep). The resulting code will run correctly on the system it was built for, and it will run correctly on older systems. The only thing that doesn't work is when Emacs is built on an old system, features provided by newer OS versions aren't included.

    -- Anders

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 6:57 AM, Charles A. Roelli <address@hidden> wrote:

  CC       nsterm.o
nsterm.m: In function ‘-[EmacsView initFrameFromEmacs:]’:
nsterm.m:7079: warning: ‘NSWindow’ may not respond to ‘-setTabbingMode:’
nsterm.m:7079: warning: (Messages without a matching method signature
nsterm.m:7079: warning: will be assumed to return ‘id’ and accept
nsterm.m:7079: warning: ‘...’ as arguments.)

On 19/07/2017 00:16, Alan Third wrote:
On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 08:33:05PM +0200, Charles A. Roelli wrote:
It does seem to be gcc:

(snippet from output of 'make V=1' when compiling src/nsterm.m):
gcc -std=gnu99 -c -Demacs -I. -I. -I../lib -I../lib -D_REENTRANT -I
[...]  -MMD -MF deps/nsterm.d -MP -O0 -g3 nsterm.m
Can you check whether the attached patch results in a compilation
warning from nsterm.m for you, please?

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