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Re: Test comment-search-backward

From: N. Raghavendra
Subject: Re: Test comment-search-backward
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 21:40:44 +0530
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At 2017-09-10T17:54:57+05:30, N. Raghavendra wrote:

> It looks like `comment-search-backward' does raise an error as promised,
> but does not move point to LIMIT from its previous position at the end
> of the buffer.

I've submitted this as

The thing is that there's a discrepancy between the docstring of the
function and its effects.  I think that since the docstring seems to be
the only specification of the effects of a function, this mismatch
should be removed, either by redefining the function so that its effects
conform to the docstring, or by changing the docstring so that it
correctly describes the effects of the function under its current
definition.  Regarding the former, I've submitted a patch and a test
with the above bug, but they may be too naive.

I hope this discrepancy can be removed before the next release.


N. Raghavendra <address@hidden>, http://www.retrotexts.net/
Harish-Chandra Research Institute, http://www.hri.res.in/

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