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Re: Flymake refactored

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Flymake refactored
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2017 22:06:27 -0400
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> However, I have a problem when using the new implementation in my real
> development context, that wasn't present before (before João work I was using
> python-flymake-pyflakes from ELPA).

> I use the `desktop' functionality, to keep a persistent state of open files,
> and in one project the `emacs.desktop' file has 367 entries, of which 284 are
> python-mode buffers: now when I open that project the python-flymake backend
> gets disabled with the following errors, for each python-mode buffer:

>   Warning [flymake xxx.py]: Disabling backend python-flymake because
> (file-error Creating pipe Troppi file aperti)

IIUC this problem is with some "old" backend that worked fine with the
old flymake but now exhibits a poor behavior with the new flymake.
In that case I suggest you `M-x report-emacs-bug` so we can track
it down.

It's probably due to changes in the way flymake decides when to run
the backend(s) and we should fix those issues.


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