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Where is the code for the Emacs server in the core?

From: George Plymale II
Subject: Where is the code for the Emacs server in the core?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 02:58:42 -0500


I am trying to find the code in the Emacs core which implements the
Emacs server / daemon. The reason I am looking is that I am curious
about implementing multi-tty support in the Emacs Mac Port by Yamamoto
Mitsuharu. Unfortunately, I believe that I must first see the code that
governs the Emacs server. I am not sure if that is the right place to
look, but I am unsure where else the problem could be. The Emacs server
purposefully rejects requests to have a terminal and GUI client. I
assume it also governs which process will be in charge of all the Emacs
clients. So I thought the server code would be the best place to look.

I did a directory diff on the source trees of the Emacs Mac Port and
plain GNU Emacs. But I could not find anything which indicated a
difference in either server. Moreover, I could not find anything related
to the Emacs server.

Could anyone help shed some light on this situation? I've not looked at
much of the Emacs core in the past, except the Lisp interpreter, so I'm
not very familiar with its landscape.


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