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Re: Towards a WYSIWYG word processing (was: What improvements would be t

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Towards a WYSIWYG word processing (was: What improvements would be truly useful?)
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 17:05:43 +0200

> From: Yuri Khan <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 21:35:49 +0700
> Cc: John Yates <address@hidden>, John Wiegley <address@hidden>, 
>       Daniele Nicolodi <address@hidden>, address@hidden, Emacs developers 
> <address@hidden>
> * Office-like applications do not make you very aware of styles.

Trust me, I'm aware of my styles.

> * Your lexicon of styles is poorly designed, that you use one style
> where you need two or more.

That could be, because Someone Else (TM) designed them.  But I don't
think the number of styles is the problem, more likely their

> > So I prefer applying styles by hand, locally wherever I need that.  It
> > works wonders on my productivity.
> How big are your documents, how long-lived are they, and are they part
> of a bigger collection that needs to be consistently formatted?

Quite large (up to hundreds of pages), quite long-lived (years), and
usually maintained all the time.

> Otherwise I’d have the opposite problem of having to do the same
> change in too many places and never being sure I got them all.

I never need to change the style, because I consistently use the same
styles in all the documents.

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