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Re: Using Org as the source format to generate org.texi

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Using Org as the source format to generate org.texi
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:12:05 -0400
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Phillip Lord wrote:

>> Note that this will make info generation depend on the existence of
>> src/emacs, when it was previously independent.
> Which would shove generation of the documentation till after dumping. I
> don't know enough about make to work out whether this would be for just
> org.org or for all the texi.

It should just be for org. I imagine an order-only prerequisite for
org.texi on src/emacs (as well as normal prerequisites on all the
relevant org.el source files, sigh).

>> Also, if any other manual made the same change, it would prevent
>> bootstrapping Emacs without Org present (eg if the idea to include elpa
>> packages in Emacs releases ever goes anywhere, and it's desired to stop
>> duplicating Org in the Emacs repo; an idea which still makes complete
>> sense to me).
> Confused on this one. bootstrapping needs the documentation to be complete?

By "bootstrapping Emacs" I meant "building it from the Emacs repository".
This includes generating the info documentation from whatever the
ultimate source files are, not just creating src/(bootstrap-)emacs.

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