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Yes, please allow pre-configuration of first frame [was: Blink Cursor mo

From: N. Jackson
Subject: Yes, please allow pre-configuration of first frame [was: Blink Cursor mode is off by default]
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 10:14:24 -0400
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At 21:12 -0700 on Monday 2018-06-11, dancol wrote:
> All I want is the ability to configure the first frame
> before it appears, and only X resources and early-init
> provide this ability.

It would certainly seem to be a nice improvement if the first
frame was not displayed before all the user configuration
effecting its size and appearance was available. While it is
superficial and thus unimportant in some ways, the current
behaviour with flashing/jumping frames looks unprofessional
and makes a poor first impression.

It doesn't sound right, though, that a fix for this should
involve the user having to mess around with intiialisation
order etc. -- it should "just work".

It seems that this might be a worthwhile project for "someone"
to work on? (Perhaps they could fix the problem of not being
able to un-apply themes at the same time?)


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