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Re: Yes, please allow pre-configuration of first frame [was: Blink Curso

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Yes, please allow pre-configuration of first frame [was: Blink Cursor mode is off by default]
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2018 13:20:21 -0400
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>>> It doesn't sound right, though, that a fix for this should
>>> involve the user having to mess around with intiialisation
>>> order etc. -- it should "just work".
>>> It seems that this might be a worthwhile project for "someone"
>>> to work on? (Perhaps they could fix the problem of not being
>>> able to un-apply themes at the same time?)
>> I don't really understand what you suggest doing: the .emacs file is
>> read *after* creating the first frame, so there's no way to avoid
>> "flashing" without breaking some .emacs files.
> The file could just run against a dummy frame that happens to look like the
> GUI frame we'll eventually create.

To reduce the breakage, the frame had batter be as real as possible
(e.g. plain normal frame, just `invisible`), but still: what will happen
when the .emacs code ends up prompting the user in the minibuffer?

It will inevitably introduce changes which in some cases are undesirable,


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