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Regarding adding additional default font-lock faces

From: Jostein Kjønigsen
Subject: Regarding adding additional default font-lock faces
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2018 21:24:24 +0200

Hey everyone.

When considering expanding on things which gets fontified in  typescript-mode (a third-party major-mode), we noticed that some fairly common use-cases don't have any appropriate font-lock-face variable to use, meaning major-mode developers will have to make their own, one new defface for each mode.

Examples of such use-cases and faces would be:

I'm sure there are more, but those are at least some  examples.

Not having a default font-face for this forces third-party packages which rely on standard font-lock-faces for most values, to introduce inconsistency by then suddenly creating some custom deffaces, which are namespaced to their own package.

Add this up to several packages, and it can get messy. No theme will certainly support this properly.

What does the emacs-community feel about expanding on the set of default font-lock faces to include values for these? And how do we decided which faces we should add?

Kind Regards
Jostein Kjønigsen

address@hidden 🍵 address@hidden

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