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Re: Regarding adding additional default font-lock faces

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Regarding adding additional default font-lock faces
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2018 07:53:05 -0400
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> Which is fine. But can't we have a defface for this whose default
> value is nil?
> That way major-modes have one standard variable to use, and users have
> one standard variable to customize.  I think that's a whole lot easier
> for everyone.
> Not to mention this puts the user in control of their own experience,
> like Emacs should.

Of course.

I think the current design is strongly influenced by efficiency
considerations rather than by someone deciding that those constructs
shouldn't have their specific highlighting.

>>> * attributes/annotations for functions, classes,
>> I don't know what this refers to.  Which languages have those?
> To be clear I meant annotations/attributes *applied to* function-
> parameters, not function parameters itself.
> In C# it can look like this:
>>     [DataContract]
>>     public class QueryInfo
>>     {
>>         [DataMember(Order = 0)]
>>         public int ContactId { get; set; }
>>         [DataMember(Order = 1)]
>>         public int PersonId { get; set; }
>>         [DataMember(Order = 2)]
>>         public int ProjectId { get; set; }
>>         [DataMember(Order = 3)]
>>         public int SaleId { get; set; }
>>     }

Ah, right, thanks.  I never use languages where this is used, but now
that I see it, I do remember having heard of it.


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