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Re: [PATCH] open bookmark in other frame

From: Pierre-Yves Luyten
Subject: Re: [PATCH] open bookmark in other frame
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 21:45:39 +0200
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On 10/12/18 12:04 AM, Drew Adams wrote

So here is the new version of the patch
1. Use pop-up-frames variable to avoid a read-only mode on new frame.
     I also had to use (other-frame 1) to ensure new frame is raised.

1. `pop-up-frames' has nothing to do with read-only.

Sure, i meant i now use pop-up-frames instead of view-buffer-other-frame, which was the issue.

If you use `bookmark-jump-other-window' instead of `bookmark-jump' then you 
don't need to also use `(other-frame 1)'. See the code I sent.

Great, so i attach a new version of the patch that get rid of (other-frame 1) and still works. Thanks for the help.

2. I don't think you need to include this in the doc string:

     , so the bookmark menu bookmark remains visible in its window.

I agree this might be too obvious. So i also removed useless verbiage in this version.


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