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Re: Performance degradation from long lines

From: mithraeum
Subject: Re: Performance degradation from long lines
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 08:05:01 +0000

On Friday, October 26, 2018 12:36 AM, Ihor Radchenko <address@hidden> wrote:
> Maybe I miss something, but it is not trivial thing to do.
> I just tried to switch debug buffer to fundamental mode and run
> debugger-step-through.
> It lead to the buffer changing back to debug-mode.
> Not running debugger commands in debugger buffer would be useless.
> I imagine that similar issues may exist for other types of non-file buffers.

Yes.  This is a serious concern for the various terminal emulation
modes within Emacs.

While using these modes, there are plenty of dangerous shell commands which
may output huge amounts of output, possibly all on one line.

This is the main reason why I avoid using those modes.  I don't want to
risk freezing my Emacs session by accidentally running a command that
generates a mountain of output.

This is not a concern in a real terminal, but it is in Emacs.

Also, turning something like term-mode to Fundamental mode would likely
face similar problems to what you encountered.

I just tried it and, not surprisingly, it completely broke it.
It made it read only, and I'm getting errors like "error in process
filter: Symbol’s value as variable is void: term-pending-delete-marker"
and even changing it to read-write typing in to it and hitting RETURN
doesn't result in a command being executed.

So Fundamental mode alone is not a solution for these modes.

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