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From: martin rudalics
Subject: display-buffer-use-some-frame
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 19:37:45 +0100

Sorry for returning to this after more than three years.  Somehow your
final installation must have slipped under the carpet here.  As it
stands 'display-buffer-use-some-frame' has the following deficencies:

- The first sentence of the doc-string doesn't fit on a whole line.

- The line

         (window (and frame (get-lru-window frame nil (cdr (assq 
'inhibit-same-window alist))))))

  is too long.

- In the call

           buffer window 'frame alist display-buffer-mark-dedicated)

  you should write 'reuse instead of 'frame.  The latter means that a
  new frame has been made but you just reuse an existing window.  I
  noticed this because I made the same error in (an undocumented part
  of) 'display-buffer-in-child-frame'.

Please fix these on the release branch.  Also, I wonder why you call
'frame-first-window' here:

                           (not (window-dedicated-p
                                  (get-lru-window frame)
                                  (frame-first-window frame)))))

It's nowhere used in the rest of the function.  What am I missing?

Thank you, martin

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