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Re: Branch freezing for release

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Branch freezing for release
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 09:14:06 -0400
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>>>>>>> The RC said Emacs 26.2 was to be released March 27...  Part of
>>>>>>> making a release is for people to stop changing that branch.
>>>>>> Unfortunately, that ship has sailed, since within an hour of RC
>>>>>> release a new commit was pushed to the release branch [...]

FWIW, that's part of the reason why I suggested that we make
a emacs-26.2 branch once we start entering the phase where we should not
push any change unless explicitly allowed by the maintainer.  This way
people can keep pushing random bug fixes to emacs-26, unaware that
an emacs-26.2 was created.

It's also useful for bug fixes which we'd want to have in a hypothetical
26.3, so they don't get lost in master.  It makes the rules simple:

- master:      always open for business.
- emacs-NN:    bug-fixes only (merged back to master every once in a while)
- emacs-NN.MM: never touch unless specifically authorized to do so.

Look ma!  No need to follow emacs-devel to know in which phase we are!


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