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Re: master 3b4e312: Improve documentation around standard error pipes (B

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: master 3b4e312: Improve documentation around standard error pipes (Bug#35328).
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 22:59:01 +0200
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address@hidden (Philipp Stephani) writes:


[sorry that I chime in such late; I didn't follow the discussion in Bug#35328]

> address@hidden standard error process
> +If @var{stderr} is a buffer, Emacs will create a pipe process, the
> address@hidden error process}.  This process will have the default
> +filter (@pxref{Filter Functions}), sentinel (@pxref{Sentinels}), and
> +coding systems (@pxref{Default Coding Systems}).  On the other hand,
> +it will use @var{query-flag} as its query-on-exit flag (@pxref{Query
> +Before Exit}).  It will be associated with the @var{stderr} buffer
> +(@pxref{Process Buffers}) and send its output (which is the standard
> +error of the main process) there.

FTR, the implementation in Tramp is different from what is described
here. And honestly, I even don't know, how to implement these two
processes for the remote case.

The current implementation in Tramp redirects stderr to a temporary
file, if it is separate from stdout. This temprary file is associated
with the :stderr buffer, and it runs auto-revert-mode. Maybe not very
elegant, but working so far.

I don't know whether we shall document this different behavior, or
whether we shall find an implementation in Tramp for what is
described. For the latter, I would need help, as said. Or at least ideas.

Best regards, Michael.

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