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Re: isearch region or thing at point.

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: isearch region or thing at point.
Date: Sun, 05 May 2019 00:06:11 +0300
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> There are other alternatives, too (but I'm not saying
> they are necessarily better).  We have prefix `M-s',
> for example.
> But aside from a few, I prefer that we use it for
> toggle commands.  Vanilla Emacs uses it for these:
> M-s '         isearch-toggle-char-fold
> M-s c         isearch-toggle-case-fold
> (Note that we already give 2 bindings to
> `isearch-toggle-case-fold', which we need not do.)

The other is isearch-toggle-char-fold.

> It would be good to "standardize" bindings - say
> reserve `M-w' (e.g. on a prefix key) for the
> "copy-region" (or similar) action

I remember you had a key to grab the region into the minibuffer.
This is what Ergus wants.

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