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Re: [OFFTOPIC] size of issue tracker

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [OFFTOPIC] size of issue tracker
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 10:04:14 -0400
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>> OK, I finally tracked down the disk where I kept this experiment.
>> And indeed, I see that the past looks always much better than it really
>> was: apparently, the Git repository is more like 100MB than 10MB and
>> that's only counting the non-archived issues, whereas when all the
>> issues were included the size was around 400MB.
> To do some testing with GitLab on EMBA, I want to import a bunch of
> issues from debbugs (preferably all).  How did you extract the data from
> debbugs? Or can you share the archive somewhere?

Glenn had opened an rsync access for me.

He can probably re-open it for you, but you can get the archive
I have (it's from 2015 so it's incomplete compared to what we have now,
but I don't think there's been much change qualitatively speaking) from:


they're more or less 100MB resp. 180MB.

[ It's split into two because debbugs splits it into two (the "active"
  bugs and the "archived" bugs).  ]


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