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Re: Bloat in Windows (revisited)

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: Bloat in Windows (revisited)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 20:27:25 +0300
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Yes, so far it's windows only, but I'm definitely planning to get Linux to Windows cross-compilation working. And building sources too. You probably have some notes on doing those two things, would you be willing to share them with me?

Bootstraping is another thing I was planing to implement at some point, probably using Guile.

Also Phillip, you you ever need any help with testing on Windows, feel free to email me directly. I'd probably be willing to help with that.

Another thing I was thinking about in the long run, is turning that script into a more generic build tool, so that you could provide scripts for building not just Emacs, but other GNU and similar software. For example a script for Guile would be nice, since there's no official Windows distribution and then making plugins for different Unix package managers would be great.

Best Regards,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

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