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Re: Towards a cleaner build: cedet

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Towards a cleaner build: cedet
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 23:05:09 +0300
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On 14.06.2019 16:22, Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:
Now that most of the warnings are gone in cedet, perhaps one of the
remaining ones is actually a bug:

In toplevel form:
cedet/ede/config.el:409:36:Warning: Unknown slot `classpath'

It's this code:

(cl-defmethod ede-java-classpath ((proj ede-project-with-config-java))
   "Return the classpath for this project."
   (oref (ede-config-get-configuration proj) classpath))

But...  no classes define a classpath slot:

IIRC, Java support was never merged into Emacs because of copyright assignment problems (it had a different author, I guess).

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