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Re: Algorithm in electric-pair--unbalanced-strings-p unsuitable for CC M

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Algorithm in electric-pair--unbalanced-strings-p unsuitable for CC Mode
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 17:25:43 +0300
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On 03.07.2019 16:32, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

Yes.  As you'll have noticed, this is an adversarial debate rather than
a constructive cooperation, and expecting me to put in unnecessary work
in order to assist my opponent in making a point against me is not

IME even the adversarial debates, when treated as such, tend to waste extra time from all parties involved. You might remember a few of those.

Surely it is a matter of plain ettiquette: for the writer to put in that
little extra bit of work himself, rather than forcing his readers to do
it.  When writing, I always do this myself.

I don't think so. It seems much easier to call 'git show' than to manually format a reference in the format that you requested. Some email clients might even do that automatically.

I wouldn't want to see this written into the general rules of discussions on this mailing list.

Besides[2], the next time we move to a new VCS, the reference will
become totally meaningless.

I'm not buying this, sorry. Anybody doing software archaeology in the year 2040 would probably be able to dig out a Git repository of Emacs as well.

And anyway, it seems like Git is here to stay. By the time we migrate off it, it's most likely we've moved away from mailing lists as the discussion medium.

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