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Re: Where to place third-party C source code?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Where to place third-party C source code?
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019 08:54:41 -0400
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> Ah, yes. There is one project that provides tree-sitter like a dynamic
> module using the Emacs module API[1], but my concern is: why should
> vanilla Emacs require their final users to download a bunch of
> packages to make the user experience better when we could, like,
> literally, provide them from the get-go? IIRC one pain-point of Emacs
> for (new?) users is how much configuration is needed to have a better
> editing experience.

I'm vaguely familiar with tree-sitter but haven't spent the time
investigating the situation enough to have a clear idea of what happens
with it.  Could you clarify the points below?

1- Other than the fact that it's not available "out of the box" is there
   some other problem with the existing dynamic module?  I.e. would it
   be OK for Emacs to simply use this existing module as-is, just
   bundling it into the distribution tarball, or would it still not be
   as good as a "native" binding?

2- Say I find an SML grammar for tree-sitter, what extra
   (i.e. Emacs-specific) work do I need to do (as maintainer of
   sml-mode) in order for sml-mode users to benefit from it?  and what
   kind of features would they get from it (I assume: indentation, of
   course, and probably some navigation, anything else)?

3- How does tree-sitter compare with the LSP-route (via eglot-mode
   or lsp-mode)?


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