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RE: standard key binding for project-find-file?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: standard key binding for project-find-file?
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 12:52:05 -0800 (PST)

> Why not dedicate a prefix key (like C-x p) for all project-* commands
> and use the f key for project-find-file?

I hope you do not use `C-x p' for this.



Bookmark+ has 86 keys on prefix key `C-x p'.  It's
used this prefix key for 10 years.

And I'd suggest that vanilla Emacs do the same: use
`C-x p' for bookmark commands.  IMO, Emacs would be
well advised to split the congeries of commands that
are on `C-x r': rectangle, register, and bookmark
stuff.  (7 for rectangle, 12 for registers, 4 for


Bookmark+ has 2 prefix keys on `C-x p': `C-x p c'
(creation) and `C-x p t' (tags).  And `C-x p t'
itself has 2 prefix keys: `C-x p t +' and `C-x p t -'.

C-x p C-b       bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
C-x p C-f       bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
C-x p C-k       bmkp-delete-bookmarks
C-x p C-l       bmkp-jump-to-list
C-x p RET       bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
C-x p C-n       bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p C-p       bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p C-u       bmkp-unlight-bookmark-here
C-x p M-w       bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark
C-x p ,         bmkp-this-file/buffer-bmenu-list
C-x p 0         bmkp-empty-file
C-x p 2         bmkp-clone-bookmark
C-x p :         bmkp-choose-navlist-of-type
C-x p =         bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point
C-x p ?         bmkp-describe-bookmark-lighted-here
C-x p B         bmkp-choose-navlist-from-bookmark-list
C-x p E         bmkp-edit-bookmark-record
C-x p H         bmkp-light-bookmarks
C-x p I         bookmark-insert-location
C-x p K         bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
C-x p L         bmkp-switch-bookmark-file-create
C-x p M         bookmark-set-no-overwrite
C-x p N         bmkp-navlist-bmenu-list
C-x p U         bmkp-unlight-bookmarks
C-x p b         bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
C-x p d         bookmark-delete
C-x p e         edit-bookmarks
C-x p f         bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
C-x p g         bookmark-jump
C-x p h         bmkp-light-bookmark-this-buffer
C-x p i         bookmark-insert
C-x p j         bookmark-jump
C-x p l         bookmark-load
C-x p m         bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
C-x p n         bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p o         bookmark-jump-other-window
C-x p p         bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p q         bookmark-jump-other-window
C-x p r         bmkp-edit-bookmark-name-and-location
C-x p s         bookmark-save
C-x p u         bmkp-unlight-bookmark-this-buffer
C-x p w         bookmark-write
C-x p x         bmkp-toggle-autotemp-on-set
C-x p y         bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark
C-x p <C-down>  bmkp-next-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
C-x p <C-up>    bmkp-previous-lighted-this-buffer-repeat
C-x p <delete>  bmkp-delete-bookmarks
C-x p <deletechar>              bmkp-delete-bookmarks
C-x p <deleteline>              bmkp-delete-bookmarks
C-x p <down>    bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p <kp-delete>               bmkp-delete-bookmarks
C-x p <left>    bmkp-previous-bookmark-repeat
C-x p <next>    bmkp-next-bookmark-w32-repeat
C-x p <prior>   bmkp-previous-bookmark-w32-repeat
C-x p <right>   bmkp-next-bookmark-repeat
C-x p <up>      bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p <wheel-down> bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat
C-x p <wheel-up> bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat

C-x p c C-k     bmkp-wrap-bookmark-with-last-kbd-macro
C-x p c RET     bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete
C-x p c M-w     bmkp-set-snippet-bookmark
C-x p c F       bmkp-make-function-bookmark
C-x p c K       bmkp-set-desktop-bookmark
C-x p c M       bookmark-set
C-x p c a       bmkp-autofile-set
C-x p c f       bmkp-file-target-set
C-x p c m       bmkp-bookmark-set-confirm-overwrite
C-x p c s       bmkp-set-sequence-bookmark
C-x p c u       bmkp-url-target-set
C-x p c y       bmkp-set-bookmark-file-bookmark

C-x p t C-y     bmkp-paste-add-tags
C-x p t M-w     bmkp-copy-tags
C-x p t 0       bmkp-remove-all-tags
C-x p t V       bmkp-set-tag-value-for-navlist
C-x p t c       bmkp-copy-tags
C-x p t d       bmkp-remove-tags-from-all
C-x p t e       bmkp-edit-tags
C-x p t l       bmkp-list-all-tags
C-x p t p       bmkp-paste-add-tags
C-x p t q       bmkp-paste-replace-tags
C-x p t r       bmkp-rename-tag
C-x p t v       bmkp-set-tag-value

C-x p t - a     bmkp-untag-a-file
C-x p t - b     bmkp-remove-tags

C-x p t + a     bmkp-tag-a-file
C-x p t + b     bmkp-add-tags

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