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Re: Drawing to cairo context from within emacs module?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Drawing to cairo context from within emacs module?
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2019 23:42:55 -0500

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  > There's probably a million things I'm missing here, but would it be
  > possible to access the cairo context from within an emacs module, so
  > that one could simply draw stuff using the Cairo API (on Cairo-enabled
  > Emacsen only, of course)? I'm sure this won't play well at all with
  > redisplay, but it'd be fun playing around with it...

The primary purpose of GNU Emacs, or any other GNU program, is to
contribute to what the GNU operating system can do.

The feature you are asking for would operate only on a non-GNU
operating system.  Emacs with that feature would give a non-GNU system
(even worse, a non-free system) better support than it gives to GNU.
That would detach it from the GNU Project and work against our goal.

Sorry, but we must not implement this.

It would be ok to implement the feature so that it works on GNU with
GTK2 and work on MacOS with Cairo.  That way, the feature would
enhance the GNU system and we could continue to say validly that Emacs
"runs best on GNU."

Dr Richard Stallman
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