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tramp fails with ssh method, scp method works

From: Timur Aydin
Subject: tramp fails with ssh method, scp method works
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2019 21:58:55 +0300
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I'm using emacs tramp to connect to an embedded system runnig yocto linux and open a file. But tramp fails with the following error:

Wrong method specification for 'ssh'

The file spec is /ssh:root@

Attached is the tramp-verbose 10 output for the fail case.

When I use the scp method, I am able to open the file without problem.

When I try the same thing with the desktop PC where I have emacs running, the problem doesn't happen. So the issue is specified to the embedded system. One thing noteworthy is that the embedded system is missing the base64 program. I remember having an issue related to this in the past, but I don't know if it's relevant to the current problem.

What else can I do to further debug this?

Timur Aydın
TEL: 536 939 65 88

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